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Guests play their own music while charging their iPod / iPhone or Android


iHome HBN22

The HBN22 is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless hotel alarm clock radio. Built-in NFC (near field communications) technology allows for instant Bluetooth connections to stream audio via Bluetooth from your iPhone, iPad, Android and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Dual USB ports on the front allows your guests to charge their devices and the unit includes printed instructions for setting the alarm and using Bluetooth.

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iHome iDL46 - iPad

iHome iDL46

The iDL46 is a Hotel Mode Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with Lightning Dock and USB Charge/Play for iPad/iPhone/iPod. The iDL46 is the ideal guest friendly Alarm Clock Radio. While the single day alarm and hotel low volume will put your guests’ at ease, the security lanyard included is a theft deterrent, putting your mind at ease.

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ChargeTime PLUS

ChargeTime Plus is a uniquely designed hotel alarm clock radio, Bluetooth speaker and mobile device charger all-in-one.



An attractive minimalist design which provides guests with two easy-to-find USB charging outlets and a single-set alarm clock.

AV, audio and charging… together in one product

A/V Pull-Through | TA-7300K-01K

AV Pull-Through™ | TA-7300K-01K

This is an elegant low-profile, easy-to-use solution for providing your guests with the ability to use the in-room TV as a viewing screen. Guests just connect their iPod/iPhone or iPad to this cable and in seconds they’re enjoying their own music, movies, TV programs and games. Weighted for stability, just plug the cable (included) into the in-room TV and set on a table or desktop, providing an easy-to-find access point for your guests. Available in several base and cap colours. This product can be branded with your property’s logo.

Affordable solutions… that free your guests from their headphones

Audio Pull-Through | TA-7300K-A01

Audio Pull-Through™ | TA-7300K-A01

Simple to install and use. Connect one end of the cable to the in-room TV and place the sleek, stylish cable holder on a table or desktop instantly providing your guests with an easy way to plug into the in-room TV. Guests simply plug the audio jack (included) into an MP3 player, iPod, laptop, or any audio device and they’re ready to fill the room with the sound of their own music. Available in several base and cap colours. This product can be branded with your property’s logo.