Guest Needs

With the formation of Technology 4 Hotels, we thought it appropriate to review the market and understand what today’s guest wants.  To our surprise, we were unable to find any research on what hotel guests staying in Australian hotels want.  So we undertook to survey business travellers staying in Australian hotels.  We wanted to understand what they want and expect from their hotels when it comes to In-Room Technology.

We also asked them how they respond if the In-Room Technology is not up to scratch.

From the research, we identified 3 Key Reasons why In-Room Technology matters to your most important guests*


  1. More than 50% of business travellers consider the In-Room Technology offered when making a hotel booking
  2. 7 out of 10 guests are Stressed out, Annoyed or Furious when In-Room Technology fails them
  3. Almost half the guests who have problems using the In-Room Technology never stay at that property again

* Serious business travellers who stay regularly in Australian Hotels

Hoteliers who are meeting the demands of the business traveller are being rewarded with guests who come back time and time again.

This timely research shows the importance of In-Room Technology to ensure the continued custom from your most important guest; the business traveller.

We would be delighted to share the results with you on what we believe to be the only research about what guests want and expect from In-Room Technology in the Australian market place.

Please follow this link to obtain a copy of the Guest Needs Survey Report.