TA-6950 & TA-7950 | DeskPoint Pro™

TeleAdapt’s wireless Internet access point has just been upgraded!

DeskPoint Rear - Low-profile with Internet-IN, Power-IN and a slot for a DeskCardThe next generation DeskPoint Pro™ has been re-engineered inside and out. Hoteliers are still struggling to find a simple and affordable method for implementing a reliable wireless Internet network for their guests. With TeleAdapt’s new and improved DeskPoint Pro range, hotel IT managers have an even better WAP product with upgraded features that support the demands of a hospitality-specific Internet infrastructure for both guest-facing and back-of-house network needs.

Installs Quickly and Easily for Complete Coverage

DeskPoint Pro is the perfect solution for hotels looking to convert their wired Internet infrastructure into a wireless network without the need to re-wire their entire property. Installation is simple – just plug DeskPoint Pro into an existing wired Internet jack and choose the appropriate signal strength for your room layout. A single DeskPoint Pro unit plugged in anywhere in the hotel room provides 100% wireless coverage. Variable transmit power ranging from low, medium and high provides signal strength to span 5-25meters in diameter, depending on your room configuration. DeskPoint Pro’s Auto Channel-Selection feature scans the WAPs surrounding frequencies to automatically choose the channel with the best frequency strength, continually adjusting to avoid co-channel interference.

And because the DeskPoint Pro also includes a wired access point, you are able to offer your guests both wired and wireless Internet access in one beautifully designed unit. Choose between TA-6950 with a retractable cable or the TA-7950 with an open RJ45 jack.

Next Generation Technology with Hospitality-Specific Features

Hotel properties have unique challenges when it comes to their Internet network requirements. TeleAdapt has engineered DeskPoint Pro to support multiple SSIDs and VLANs per unit for added flexibility and network efficiency. Each in-room WAP can be assigned to different network-based in-room applications such as VoIP, minibar POS or inventory controls, in addition to the guest-facing wired and wireless APs. SNMP 3.0 compatibility allows DeskPoint Pro to be easily integrated into your property’s existing network management system, even proprietary management software.

DeskPoint ProDeskPoint Pro’s new outer hardware presents other features only appreciated by hotels. The low-profile, flat-topped dome shape is ideal for branding with hotel logo and silkscreening guest instructions. Dual internal antennae eliminates guest tampering and breakage. A side USB port offers a conveniently located charging outlet for powering up guest devices and smartphones. Wired and wireless combined in one unit means one product can implement your Wi-Fi network while providing a secure wired AP for business travelers who are prohibited from connecting to a wireless AP or other non W-Fi-enabled guests.

Great Solution for Dead Spots in Existing Wireless

Conventional hallway or corridor ceiling installations often yield corners or even full guestrooms void of a Wi-Fi signal. They are frustrating to the guest and cause unnecessary strain on your IT resources. DeskPoint Pro products are the perfect solution for filling weak or dead spots in your wireless network. Just plug a DeskPoint Pro in rooms with odd, uneven layouts or in areas of your property that simply lack the desired signal strength to reinforce your Wi-Fi system. Problem solved!

DeskPoint Pro

Any Hotel Construction Type Can Have Wireless

Maybe your hotel is a concrete structure designed to withstand extreme weather; maybe it’s an historic building made of brick or stone? Concrete or masonry walls can weaken a conventional wireless signal creating weak spots or no coverage at all. You don’t need expensive retrofitting to provide a wireless signal. As long as the property is already hard wired for high-speed Internet, DeskPoint Pro is the perfect solution, providing…

DeskPoint Pro Wireless Access Point

  • No more costly and disruptive cable runs
  • Plug-and-play installation that couldn’t be easier
  • A unit in every room provides 100% wireless coverage
  • Side USB port for convenient mobile device charging
  • Great solution for eliminating dead spots in existing wireless
  • Maintains a wired access point for guests without Wi-Fi capabilities
  • TA-6950 features retractable Ethernet cable
  • TA-7950 fearures an open RJ45 port
  • Low-profile, flat dome design is ideal for hotel branding and fits any room decor
  • Built-in management features for in-house quality assurance surveillance
  • The perfect solution for large and small properties
  • Adjustable transmit power to minimize bleed over or boost signal strength