Aircon Off Smart Remotes

Aircon Off Smart Remote PROAircon Off Smart Remote PRO – Energy Saving Universal Remote for Air Conditioning

The Worlds Most Advanced Power Saving Universal AC Remote

“Stops AC’s running too hot or too cold”

Easy to sync. Easy to set. Easy to use

  • Significantly reduces AC running costs
  • Programmed with your own min & max temperatures for complete control over how your AC is operated
  • Easy sync & set up. Guaranteed compatible
  • Placebo Effect and other unique features. Users can’t tell AC usage is being managed
  • Tamperproof. Owner settings are secure
  • Each degree saved cuts running costs by up to 10%
  • User friendly controls & easy to read backlit display

“Fantastic product, we recently installed the Smart Remote Pro into our holiday accommodation units and we are very happy with the savings and so user friendly”
– E.B, VIC