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Today’s Business Traveller Expects More From Their Hotel Room

They expect to be able to create a ‘home away from home’ and an ‘office away from the office’ whilst travelling. Progressive hoteliers who are already meeting these needs are seeing clients return on a regular basis. Those that have failed to adapt to the changing needs of business travellers are losing clients.

Technology 4 Hotels is focused on working directly with hoteliers. Our aim is to offer assistance in providing their guests with the best In-Room Technology experience and to ensure guests remember their hotel for all the right reasons. This strengthens guest loyalty and encourages repeat bookings.

We know it is hard for you to keep up to date with all the options offered for In-Room Technology and that is why we make it our business to make sure our clients understand what their clienst needs are and how to achieve them.

Technology 4 Hotels monitors emerging technologies across the globe staying at the forefront of what’s available. In addition, we conduct regular research asking Serious Australian Business Travellers what they want, what delights them during their stay and what makes them come back time and time again. The research also asks them what annoys them and makes them not return to a hotel. The information from both product and guest research is co-analysed to ensure that Technology 4 Hotels is well equipped to provide you, the hotelier, with all the expertise to make the right decisions and to ensure that your property has the In-Room Technology for today’s and tomorrow’s discerning guest.

Brendon Granger

Brendon Granger

Brendon Granger began his hospitality career over twenty five years ago working in 5 star hotels whilst completing his Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management. He has held various management positions with 5 star hotels, worked as a consultant in both hotel feasibility and technology with Horwath & Horwath and has an extensive background in hotel technology having been General Manager for a hotel computer system supplier and Global Marketing and Product Manager for one of the world’s first and largest Guest Broadband providers. Having been involved with the introduction of Guest Broadband into the hotel industry he witnessed firsthand the changes in guest in room technology demands. As a result he saw the need and the opportunity to work with a range of hotels to help them meet these changing guest needs allowing them to differentiate themselves and to ensure their guests have a great stay. As a result Brendon started his own company, Business Development Asia Pacific (BDAP), the parent company of Technology 4 Hotels in 2005.

Learn how Brendon gives back.

Are a flat screen TV and in-house movies enough to keep your guests coming back?
Our research says “No”

Guests use their room as an office and as their home away from home. The more comfortable and enjoyable you make the experience the more loyal your guests will be.

  • Can guests readily access your in-room TV so they can hook up their laptop or iPad to play their favourite movie?
  • Is it easy for them to use and charge their iPod/iPhone?
  • Can they sit in bed and do their emails via a wireless connection?

That’s what guests want – we know because we asked them in our Guest Research
If your guests can’t do these things then there is a good chance that they are booking into your competitors where they can.

We work with Hotel General Managers who know what an important part in-room technology plays in their guest’s experience and in determining where they choose to stay. We help them to deliver the best possible in-room experience to their guests.

Have you noticed that your guests are asking more and more for things you cannot supply in room?

Is it time you reviewed your in room facilities?

Our clients are guest focused and technology driven which is why they chose us.

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